Where can I find information on Assisted Living facilities in my area?


My Mother has Dementia and I need to move her to a facility.

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Ratings are very subjective and difficult. www.medicare.gov/nhcompare has a rating system. I have reservations about this, as most of the categories are self reported, and I've seen some very fine homes with a temporary poor rating (perhaps a staff change) while a lesser home looks good.

Still, it is a tool and not all bad.

Your county may also have an inspection rating online. As with the above, realize that there may have been one small glitch that the county picked up and at the time the home got a poor rating, while the home itself is very good. Manwhile, a lesser home may have passed that particular test but does not treat the residents in the way you would choose.

Rating systems are a tool but not the total answer. The best way is to visit yourself, at different times of the day. Observe the staff at work, watch how they treat each other and use your senses to see if residents are treated with respect.

This is always a tough decision. I hope you find a good facility.
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