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MaMaGina, Independent Living can vary from area to area. In my neck of the woods, there are Independent Living apartments and right next door in the next building is Assisted Living/Memory Care. My Dad was part of this community having a very nice 2 bedroom apartment with full kitchen. Later down the road I had to opt for the optional med-tech service as Dad was forgetting to take his pills, and yes, there was a fee for this service.

As Dad memory started to fade, the move over to the next building was very smooth... thus Dad still saw familiar Staff workers.

There are also Independent Living condo complexes where one is very independent. The monthly condo fee is high but it does come with a lot of perks like a gym, indoor pool, one meal in one of many restaurants within the complex, on-site banking, beauty parlor, gift shop, and even a walk-in doctor's office.

It all depends on what the person needs and if they are comfortable in the environment. And what they are able to budget.

I also notice you had mentioned "fraud and scams" and am curious for that reasoning.
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Can you give us more insight into what info you’re looking for regarding Independent Living? I see you’ve posted under Frauds and Scams. Do you have a concern that IL isn’t living up to your expectations?
My Mom was in IL for 6 years in upstate New York Her apartment had 1 bedroom and small kitchenette, private bath with roll in shower. They served 3 meals a day in a nice dining room, hairdresser, had a bus to take them to events or appointments and lots of activities. They could not assist in any way if she was sick and had to call 911 to pick her up from the floor if she fell. I eventually had to hire a private caregiver for a few hours a day to help her dress, bathe, take her meds, and get ready for bed. The residents ranged from completely independent and still driving their cars, to wheelchair bound. Many had private aides. The monthly cost was about $3200, not counting the caregiver. IL is private pay where we live. Is there something else you’d like to know?
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My mom was in an Independent Living facility in Ardsley, NY (that's in Westchester County). The cost (this was in 2011-13) the cost was about $5k per month. That included light housekeeping (once a week linens change and the laundering of linens and towels) dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen. There were many fun activities (Stock Market club, jewelry making, painting) and guest speakers from local colleges. There were outings to local dinner theater, once a week shopping trips and you could be transported to doctors appointments within a 10 mile radius.

Mom had a full kitchen, dining area, living room and a spacious bedroom with a walk-in closet. She also had a washer dryer set up, making it very easy for her to do her personal laundry. And the bathroom had a walk in shower.

There was a geriatrics doctor who kept an office across the way in the affiliated AL so that my mother was able to get herself to her appointments. There was also a geriatric psychiatrist who visited clients in their rooms.
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My mother was in independent living. No, it is not assisted living. There are no assistants there to help you but you can still hire outside help to come in. There is no nursing staff. They made that clear when my mom was there. You are, as it says, living independently.
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