Independent living for self. Suggestions?


Looking for independent living for myself .I have researched plus have read negative information about allot of organizations. How does one know what businesses are legit ,will not be an "all take and give nothing" business, will not be abusive , will not commit embezzlement , basically are honest,reliable businesses.I know allot of these businesses are on the Better Business website but they pay to be on that website.I worked in the medical field for 30 plus years so am very familiar with what is involved.Any information would be greatly appreciated..

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Some questions to ask while you are visiting the facility are 1) What is the employee turnover rate? 2) What is the average/current occupancy rate and how many units are currently available - compare that number to other facilities you tour. 3) Show up unannounced at different times of the day to see what is going on as well as join a few of their activities prior to making a commitment. Ask the residents if they have had to contact maintenance to fix something and how long it takes for a response. If the facility objects to any of that, take them off your list of possibilities. All of these will give you a better picture of what you are getting into.
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Check with your local county ombudsman. Also, check for reviews online. Go to the facility and get a tour. Ask for references of family members in the facility for longer than 6 months.
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