Are independent living and assisted living allowed to evict an elderly?


My mom has been living in an independent living facility recently they were bought out and the management is making everyone pay a deposit plus their regular per bill room amount and if they don't they are being evicted. Is this allowed?

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Sunflo has given you sound advice. I'd like to add that you may want to go to and type in the Zip code of the facility. The contact information that you see will be that of your representative. This ombudsman knows the ropes with long-term care and can at least tell you what your next step should be.

Good luck. This is very upsetting for you, your mom and the other families affected.
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You probably need to sit down with the facility director and have a better understanding of what is going on. They may be being bought out but that doesn't mean the new company does not have to honor existing contracts you've signed or give adequate notice. I've heard of this happening but typically they give residents several months notice to either sign a new contract or find alternate housing. They give more notice because they understand that elderly have more difficulty in placement choices.

I would start with reviewing your current written agreement and any sections relating to sale or transfer of ownership or management. If you need, get a legal review by an elder care attorney. If you don't have the means, ask for a referral from your local senior center resources.

Regardless you need to act quickly and find out if new management and agreement will be comparable with your loved ones needs, expense expectations, etc.

Good luck. These issues are always so disruptive. Also, try not to alarm your loved one about the prospect of moving, mgt change, etc until you have the facts and some options. This can be very unsettling for them and I'm sure there will be plenty of rumors flying between the residents and even staff.
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Thank you!
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