She insists on stuffing a bunch of folded pull-ups inside the one she is wearing. If I get her liner pads, she just stuffs the folded pull-ups over them. She is using about 15 packages of pull-ups monthly and finds them if we try to limit availability by hiding them. She also lays paper plates on top of the chux pads that protect the furniture from any leakage, despite the fact that her physical therapist told her it is dangerous and she can and has slid off the chair and couch. Recently, she started using multiple rolls of paper towels to lean on instead of pillows and toilet paper rolls as head rests. She is also using paper cups to store things in (her pills, candies, etc.) and stacking one cup inside another. Has anyone else had to deal with this sort of developing "paper product" attachment? She doesn't have alzheimer's or dementia so far but is having more recall and memory retrieval issues lately as she nears her 93rd year.

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Call what you will but most people her age become obsessed at some point with something .
My mother (94) with dementia) suffered the embarrassment soiling caused her and hid everything. It became intolerable so I tried using familiar things that wouldn't shout to visitors "INCONTINENCE".
Try buying her the sanitary pads used for women after childbirth.
I add them to my mother's depends (nights) as added insurance in bed rather than what she feels are embarrassing Chux pads.
She uses a lesser pad inside her depends daytime.Once she saw she had the protection without the discomfort of bounty lined "panties" she was more than willing to use them.
Chair and other seating areas: I use pretty outdoor furniture pads that I throw into the washer daily.
She no longer worries she is soiling something that can not be easily cleaned.
I use old doilies for head and armrest (found at Sally army and other re-store venues that can also be washed daily.
Don't let this obsession grow.
If you have to remove the paper products that she relies on.
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She does have dementia. Her actions are not sensible or rational. Bet you ten to one she has flushed a few chux and pads too. Been there. Done that. The plumber cost $200 to clear the lines in the front lawn.
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