This is my dad's permanent home. Mom died 3 years ago; they were married and still lived together in the house. He completed a Revocable Trust. He is the co-trustee and so am I. I do not live in the house with him; I am married and live elsewhere. Now, It is time to renew his "Senior Citizen Exemption." for New York City. Am I considered the "homeowner" of his house while he is still alive and living in it? I don't think I am. I am supposed to be the one who will handle what happens to his house upon his death. I am confused because the renewal application from NYC has me listed as the homeowner. He is the homeowner who is a senior citizen and deserves to receive this exemption. Thanks for your input.

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Whose name is on the deed? That person is the title holder of record.

If title to the house was transferred to the trust (part of the process of "funding" the trust) to your father as trustee with you named as co-trustee, someone in the register of deeds office may have inadvertently assumed you were co-owner now. I think it's just an error on the renewal application, but if the house wasn't transferred to the trust, I wouldn't know why anyone would assume that you're the sole fee holder.
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