In Indiana, Medicaid says that you can own an automobile valued at $4500 or less in order to be excluded as an asset. Has this rule changed?


I read on this forum that this rule has been changed but I don't see that reflected in paperwork I received. Can you tell me when this rule changed and is it on a national or state to state level? Thank you



Exempt assets (their homestead and a vehicle) maximum value will be set by each state as each state administers its Medicaid programs uniquely but under an overall federal guideline. So if you just got paperwork from Indiana Medicaid and it states car assets max is $4500 it is what it is.

The rationale is that if they are now living 24/7in a NH and medically “at need” for skilled nursing care in a NH there is no real need for a car.

Now if there’s a community spouse or their applying for community based Medicaid (so their going to a day program like PACE), the asset limits could be higher. Please try to make sure the rules you are looking at are the ones for the type of Medicaid program that he’s applying to.
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