One of dad's caregivers will sit at the table with dad playing with her phone. They don't talk just sit. It bugs me.

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Janny, that is one reason to get a caregiver who is a good match for your Dad. If they have something to talk about all the time, there wouldn't be a need for the caregiver to be on their phone, unless it is the Agency or family with a quick call.

When my Dad first needed caregivers, I had the Agency send out a variety of people. Then I asked my Dad if he had to choose two for day time shift, who would he want to be his regular caregivers. Dad had his two favorites. These caregivers had a lot in common with Dad, both were raised on farms so that gave them a lot to talk about.... they had the same interest.... and the same sense of humor as Dad could joke often. The caregivers were in their late 40's and early 50's. Dad was in his 90's.

Dad found younger caregivers didn't talk very much. Guess they only knew how to communicate via an iPhone.

Now my Dad's caregivers were on 8 hour shifts, so it wasn't like they were with Dad all day long and into the evening. Even married couples run out of things to say :)
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