Looking for in-home care in Corpus Christi, Texas. Any advice?


My mother is 91 years old and lives with us. My husband and I would like to take a cruise in January to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, but I don't want to leave mom alone at night. We would be gone about 3 weeks. I'm looking for someone reliable in Corpus Christi to stay with her at night, and who would be willing to take her to mass on Saturday evenings and to the grocery store if needed. Suggestions, anyone?

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You might also look at your neighbors. In January, college students are home for break. I know I would trust the young lady on my street to do something like this , though clearly she would not be available for all of the time. Can you outright ask a cousin or two to take at least one of the nights? At that time they can also assess the situation and make sure there are groceries and supplies in.

If you are thinking she may need a facility at some point, having her in respite care would give her a idea of what it would be like! Pick the best one that would be an option for some future date. AND if you have others come into your home, make sure ALL financial data, valuables, etc are locked away.
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Thank you, Maggie; I'll check these out. Right now mom is on a walker because she twisted her hip, but if we can get that cleared up, she's in pretty decent shape for 91. We've had no problem leaving her for one night, once for two nights, but three weeks is way to long. I have cousins, and she has "friends," but none have offered to help out. She wants us to do this cruise, insists she'll be fine, but I know we'd never enjoy ourselves for worrying about her. I really appreciate the suggestions. And we will definitely check out anyone before allowing them to stay with her; we'd need to feel comfortable and so would she.
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I'm assuming no other family members who can step in. Since she goes to church, how about asking the priest if he knows of anyone who might need the money and be willing to do it? (I would check on anyone I didn't know before I entrusted mom to her.) How about a neighbor you know well? If you're thinking professional care giver, here's a few in Corpus Christi:


You might also check with an assisted living facility. If they're not full, they may well do respite care. This one specifically advertises short-term stays:


Good luck! And have fun!!
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