single male, 87

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taffyj, in-home Assisted Living would mean setting up your home like a mini Assisted Living facility. You would eventually need to purchase a hospital bed, and if you find yourself needing a wheelchair, then all your door frames would need to be widen. You would need to set up the bathroom with grab bars.

Costs? It is better to have 3 shifts of caregivers then one live-in caregiver. With 3 shifts per day, the caregivers at the end of their shift get to go home and return refreshed the next day. A live-in caregiver would burn out quickly and you would be back to square one looking for a new one. Now, hope you are sitting down.... the cost of 3 shifts per day can run up to around $20,000 a month if you use a caregiving Agency which is licensed, bonded, insured, etc. Yes, per month. The caregivers would do light housekeeping, makes your meals, tend to whatever care you need, help you with showers, drive you to doctor appointments, etc.

It would be less expensive [compared to having 3-shifts] to move into Assisted Living. The cost is closer to around $5k-$8k per month, depending on what type of care you need, and the area where you live.

With Assisted Living, you are around people of your own generation. My Dad was in Assisted Living and he was happy as a clam being there. He said he wished he would have moved in years earlier.
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As a single male, if you can afford at least 5k a month, I would opt for a nice AL or independent living if u don't need help. In the AL you will have a big room with a bath, kitchenette and bedroom/sitting room. 3 meals and snacks. Activities, outings and entertainment. Other people.

Homecare means coordinating at least 3 people a day if u need 24/7 care and different people on weekends. No hassle in an AL.
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It is not just the cost of Assisted Living that you need to be concerned about but as your health declines will you still be able to remain in the same facility.
Many places will go from Independent Living to Assisted to Memory Care of Skilled Nursing. These are commonly called CCRC or Continuous Care Retirement Communities. Of all the types this is probably the most expensive. Others will charge you for every additional ADL that they have to take care of. Or if you just need monitoring and distribution of medication that would be 1 charge, laundry another and so on.
It is a good thing to look into how a facility charges as your health declines.
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it really depends on your needs.... now would be a great time to check with your LONG TERM CARE Insurance if you have one.
in my opinion, home care is the best. if you can afford to stay at home, STAY! round the clock care can be provided as well as short care like 4 hours a day. in a facility, asssited living facility, you will of course pay a monthly fee and that easily can range from 2000-6000$ a month, again depending on the level of care you need...
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