In Arizona, can't I get paid for being my father's caregiver ?

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If I’m not mistaken AZ has a type of IHHS system similar to CA IHHS - In Home Health Services. Like Barbara suggested, you contact your local Area of Aging to find out how you apply.

For CA IHHS, it’s run by the state and administered by each county and it’s paid by a coshare of Medicaid waiver $ and the elders monthly income (like their SS or retirement). The elder would need to qualify to show to be “at need” both financially and medically. Financially it’s being eligible for community based Medicaid. For medically, they have an at home evaluation done (a SW & RN team & PT if need be) which determines # of hours of care needed. Seems to be - based on what others have posted on this site - an average of 18-24 paid hours per week and pays slightly above your states minimum wage. I don’t think you can have another job if your an IHHS caregiver. It will never be more than 35 hrs a week as if they need that much care, they need to be in a facility 24/7. And it will never be full time or pay you whatever salary you had from your old job that you left to move to parents home to caregive. State does mandatory training classes on CPR (Red Cross program) and nutrition. State pays you with FICA taken out. Although it may not be your old salary, it still is building quarters for your eventual retirement benefit from SS. I’d bet you both are determined to be low income enough that you both qualify for SNAP and you for Medicaid expansion coverage from ACA and that state salary to you easily provides the documentation needed for these other at need programs. Good luck in qualifying!
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Can your father pay you from his current income or savings?

If he qualifies for Medicaid, there may be a waiver program that he could participate in. Call the local Area Agency on Aging and ask.
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