The glitch on bills being paid & how easily paid is likely to be the Medicaid program that you apply to or are your enrolled in (& when) and whether the vendors take Medicaid and how “duals” (being on both Medicare & Medicaid) billing is done.

There isn’t just 1 type of medicaid but many; and they have different criteria for eligibility. If you are needing to stay in LTC care in a NH - so your medically “at need” for skilled nursing care - that’s Medicaid’s LTC program and the financial eligibility for an individual is pretty tight with 2k max in nonexempt assets and under whatever your state has set for monthly income maximum (this tends to be abt $2100 but some states have it pegged under 2k). Until you do a spend down to reach Medicaid’s LTC tipping point you won’t be eligible. For LTC Medicaid you have to basically be beyond impoverished & provide in detail (the 5 yr look back) why you are now “at need” financially as well as “at need” medically. For LTC NH duals, Medicaid becomes the primary payor for your costs. And between the M&Ms all costs covered. 

Community based Medicaid programs have a much wider eligibility - especially when it comes to financials. And just what those are wildly vary by state & by programs in your state. Often it’s just being considered “lower income”, which if your in your 80s or 90s and just have SS as income, you will be eligible. Community based Medicaid would become your secondary payor with Medicare as your primary.

The glitch -to me - right now will be IF you are just in post hospitalization rehab phase and will be returning home. If that’s your situation, what Medicaid LTC program can or cannot do doesn’t matter as your not staying to live till forever in the NH. Your not a LTC resident but still a rehab resident. The $167 a day MediCARE rehab copay needs to be paid either by private pay or whatever you have for your secondary insurance (like Blue Cross, Humana, etc) to go with your Medicare. Applying for community based Medicaid to be your secondary insurance may not be worthwhile if your states Medicaid won’t retro pay to your date of hospitalization or retro pay to start date of rehab. Like MACinCT wrote, you need to speak with billing in your facility to see what’s feasible. 

Now if the plan is for you to stay till forever in the NH and not ever go back home, I’d suggest you like manana speak with billing and the DON (director of nursing at the NH who in my experience is the goddess and ruler) at the NH to get you to become a LTC resident and with apply ASAP for LTC Medicaid- assuming there’s no gifting of assets issues. LTC Medicaid will retro payments. 
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The amount you mention after 21 days sounds correct. First you need to spend down assets to about $2000 if you are single then you can qualify for Medicaid. How long will you need long term care? Speak to the social services person in the facility for more information
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