I live on disability in the home. My mother has told me she does not recall signing such a document and all four children are listed in the will as equal beneficiaries of the estate. However, as it stands now, my mother is now 95 years old, and is easily manipulated by my sisters. The house needs roof repairs which I am willing to pay for, if my name is on the deed. I do not understand my sisters. Is this fraud? Do I have recourse? Any suggestions?

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Addressing only the legal and not the equitable issues, if the Will includes the house as an asset and each of the 4 siblings is to inherit a 4th interest, but the house has already been quit claimed to 3 of the siblings, you'll have a major conflict when the will becomes active at your mother's death.

You'll need an estate planning or elder law attorney to address this issue, NOW.

How did you learn about the title transfer, and how did your siblings manage to accomplish this while you're living in the house?

I'm wondering also how you would be able to pay for a new roof with apparently only disability income? New roofs are very, very expensive.
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Rufortunate, this is a complex matter as it depends on local laws and later down the road when the Will is placed in Probate Court for review. I would highly recommend you make an appointment with an Elder Law Attorney as he/she would be quite familiar with such cases.

And also if your Mom should need to sign up for Medicaid during the next 5 years [which is different from Medicare] that Quitclaim Deed could be a huge roadblock for Medicaid funds for Mom's care, should she run out of funds.
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