This drives me nuts. I know they're busy people but I practically have to threaten to bust up the office to get anyone to talk with me. I watching over my folks long distance. I go to docs with them when I visit but most of the time I cant. Is it just me or is this a common complaint?

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I call and ask the doctor to call me back. They always do.
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OOh windy a global issue. I try a very nice tactic first and as yet it has worked. The trick is getting past the receptionist who are appointed because of their unique talent of fielding telephone calls.

Whne I was at a distance I went to the docs and had them put a b£$%^y great sticker on the file(flag on the electronic ones) that said (my name) is the next of kin and should be involved in all reviews. I explained to the doctor why I needed that and because he believed me (that or become minus one appendage) he agreed to flag it

Firstly I only call the docs when I need them - I think thats a given. Then when I want to speak to a doc I am ALWAYS fobbed off - and that happens every time.

I start off with I would like to make an appointment to speak with the doctor re xyz's medication/ condition/ whatever

Can you tell me what its regarding - well yes I could but if you aren't a doctor I suspect you wont understand as its quite clinical and I dont want them to get the wrong message. If I know I want to use this one I make sure I find the difficult to even pronounce words within the medication.

The doctor is very busy - Thank you yes I can understand this but it is either that or I am going to have to request he visit them urgently

He cannot speak to you today - Could I have your name please? I know my mum is poorly and if this gets worse I need to know who I will need to my complaint about and the event she should become hospitalised you can be assured I will not just complain but sue

Can you bring her in? I dont live ion the vicinity and Iknow my mum/dad ect is struggling with whatever you think is relevant and he/she will be worse if they have to get a cab - can you guarantee she will see a doctor immediately? - if yes then in that case can I make an appointment to speak to the doctor at that time as he/she will be free

Finally could you give me the number of the regulators to whom I need to register a complaint. I want to make this formal as my mother/father who is vulnerable ahs needs that are being neglected by your practice

I do try the nice route and the doctors do know I only call when I need them but even then it can be tough going - good luck
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