I'm wondering if it's possible that the rehab facility is accidentally giving my mom medication?


My mother takes no medication, but is in the rehab facility to build her strength back up after a fall and pneumonia. Prior to the fall she could get around her home on her own, but now, can't get up or walk very far without help. When I go to see her at the rehab facility, she can barely keep her eyes open a lot of the time. In the past, when she was at home, if I woke her up when I showed up at her house unexpectedly, she bounced right up because she was glad to see me and would never let a nap interfere with a potential visit. She looked alert yesterday for the first time in a long time. Today she was back to "druggie-looking" eyes. It's so unlike her, it just occurred to me that maybe she's getting some medication that she isn't supposed to have. (Pretty much the whole time she's been in the facility --two weeks-- she has seemed very subdued and has had very little to say.) If this were a bad movie, I'd think there was a sinister plot at work.

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Sunny, please let us know what they say.
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Thanks to all for your responses. I'm having a meeting with the doctor and director of nursing tomorrow. Maybe I'll get some answers that will help me to understand.
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You have the right to know what she's getting. I've found that rehab centers typically make decisions to add meds w/o consulting the family. E.g., in my experience, they add stool softeners or laxatives w/o telling the family. One substituted Tums for calcium with D-3.
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So, I take it mom was in the hospital because of the pneumonia?

Who so signed the discharge papers when she went to rehab? That paperwork would have indicated what meds she was to be given.

Has anyone had a care meeting with the rehab? To ask what meds she's on? What progress she's making?
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It could just be a consequence of her poor health, older people take a long time to bounce back from illness and injury.
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You should get an accounting of everything she is being given and using and that is billed to her insurance. I got a list of meds my mom was given from Medicare and the facility every month. You can also ask the charge nurse or the director of nursing why she’s suddenly always in the Twilight Zone. Does she mention being given any pills? If the staff blows you off or seems evasive, I’d go to the administrator of the rehab facility.
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