I'm trying to find a place that will help and pay me for being my father's caregiver. Any advice?

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Does your father have funds to pay you? If so, you go to a lawyer and set up a "caregiver contract" that outlines the terms.

Is your father eligible for Medicaid? Some, not all States, have Medicaid expansion programs that allow elders who want to remain in their homes to direct some very minimal stipend to caregivers who are relatives.

In no way should this be considered a full time job that will support you. You need to think about what your life is going to look like when your parent needs a higher level of care in a facility or when they pass away. Will you have the wherewithal to get back into the workforce? Do you have training to be a caregiver? Do you and your parent get along well? Does your parent have a progressive condition like dementia?

All questions you need to ask yourself.

Your local Area Agency on Aging (usually part of the County Government) can give you more information. 

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