I'm taking care of my mother in my home, she has dementia. My sister is POA, she filled out the Aid & Attendance but is refusing to pay me.


My name is Amy. She filled out the Aid & Attendance and is paying me $350.00 a week for 24/7 care. It's getting to get harder & harder to keep her and becoming not safe for her or me. She's starting to hit and push me and trys to escape outside and it's very hard to bring her back in, plus I don't get to go any where at all the only time I get to my self is when I smoke outside for about 3 min. Even when she goes to bed I have no time for my self I'm cleaning up for the next day and putting up stuff she laid around the house. No one offers to give me a break. Now my mom is going in Nursing home and the last week I have her my sister is refusing to pay me. What do I do?



If your sister won't pay you for the last week you have her, drive her over to your sister's house and tell her SHE can take care of her the week before she goes in the nursing home. Since she's keeping the money, she should do the job.
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This sounds really rough.. I think id call the VA and see what kinda of payment is really being made.
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