Dealing with Mom every day, I have to remind her about everything, and make sure she eats, and drinks water. Take medication, everything. Most importantly though, I need to just sit down with her and talk to her. She is depressed or seems so. I'm depressed so sometimes it is hard to differentiate my depression from whether she is also depressed at the same time, or not. It's really difficult, my life is. I'm healthy but feel pressure in remaining at home continually. Where can I escape? How?

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I moved my parents to live with me going on 5 years ago so that I could care for them as needed. My Dad passed a little over two years ago. I struggled for a very long time with balance, and still do. What I am learning is that the choice of being a caregiver, is who we become. There is really not a separation of my life vs theirs. It becomes one life. That is the struggle I had giving up my life, to help them live theirs. But I choose to do it because I love them so very much. That doesn't change the difficulty of this labour of love. It is super hard at times. All the things that we get bothered by now won't matter when we lose them, we will wish we had that time back. Trust me I miss my Dad everyday.
I can only give you the answer that holds me up. My faith and trust in the Lord. He gives me strength, patience, endurance, and that ever so important ingredient, love.
When I am hanging by a thread, I can pray or read his word as my escape.
I cannot run away from my life, even though at times I feel like it. I must see it through, as it is not forever. I would love a refreshing day, but my time will come.
Sometimes a 5 minute breath of fresh air helps, or a walk if you can. I get most of my escape on a stationary bike. I can ride any frustration out or just meditate as I ride.
I do hope you can find some resolve. I know and everyone here knows how tough it can be.
Just keep in mind, it can always be worse.
Praying for you. Hang in there
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