I'm not the daughter I'm the granddaughter. How can I balance this?

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My Memmy means the absolute world to me, however it seems like none of my aunts or uncles want to take responsibility and it falls on me. She calls me day in and day out. My Memmy is 84 and I am struggling to regain balance in my own life, losing time with my other half, can’t work as my Memmy demands my attention until my Pappy gets home. I cannot afford a home because when I did work I would have to call out to take care of her. How can I balance this. I'm so stressed and no one else in my family seems to care. I don't like wiping my memmy's butt. But they are against hiring an outsider.

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If you don't do it they will have to hire outside help. If you keep doing it they will never hire outside help. Set some boundaries and go on with your life. You need to concentrate on your job and your life. Get a job and do not answer calls while you're working and then move out when you can afford to. Your family probably thinks that since you live there she is your responsibility.
I agree with you I am going to try and set boundries so I can get on my feet I actually live a half hour drive from my grandparents house. I have tried last week to leave my phone off and leave my car in an area I couldn’t access from home, then she forced my uncle to drive me over. Her dementia makes her very demanding. But this week I am not going to be home im going to leave my phone off and gonwith my other half to repair our customers lawn equipment. We also do scrap removal. Thank you for your response. I will try boundries again.
You have to tell Mom and her siblings GMom is not ur responsibility, it's theirs and they need to work together in finding help during the day. Tell them you need to work and her calling you does not help when u work. The problem is...you may alienate your family. But GMom is not ur responsibility. Tell them you are willing to help but not be at her beck and call. It's too overwhelming.

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