My mother has MCI, but I think it's a polite way of saying pre dementia. She has seemed to have gone down hill faster lately and and thinks I am picking on her. She says she can't do anything right for me any more. I'm so very sad at the prospect of losing the mother I once new that I find myself crying a lot. Wondering what I'm going to do, how can I have more understanding and patience. I'm so frustrated it's gone to anger. Pls help me

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I'm treating for hep c, she cooks I can't eat. I've told her so many time don't fix anything for me cuz I probably won't eat it. She goes to store to get something and comes back with something else. She puts things away and can't find them and blames it on me, when I bring these and other things to her attn she is in denial or gets a nasty attitude. It's like this almost everyday. I'm embarrassed to say I wish I could just put her somewhere. It's not easy especially while treating for hep c.....I am on anti depressants and I was regulated but Tx has messed with that
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First of all, yes, I think that MCI can be a precursor to dementia. My mom was diagnosed with MCI by a neurologist and neuropsychologist in 2012, with followup in 2013 that showed that there was very little progression. Then Mom had stroke, which brought on Vascular Dementia. MCI, as I understand it, is not memory loss, but at least in part the inability to reason from facts to a logical conclusion.

Second, if you're crying alot, get yourself some respite any way you can and GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR. Depression (ours AND theirs) is treatable. Tell us more about the things that your mom thinks that you're "picking on her" about. We all work together here! Don't beat yourself up.
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