Mom is 83. She has Parkinson's Disease and is showing signs of Dementia. She is very leery of strangers and we just need someone to stay with her a few hours a week. We live in Columbus, Ohio.

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When my mother moved in with us, we initially needed just a few hours a day. We were very happy with the local "Home Instead" people. They have a website and you can put in your zip code for the local contact. They offer many different levels of care, we just used the companion care a first.
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bsaggio, go to the Internet and type in "caregivers Columbus Ohio" and see if you get names of nationwide Agencies, and some local Agencies, too.

When my Mom moved to long-term-care, I realized within a few hours that my Dad didn't know what to do, and when he called me at 8pm saying he was hungry, I knew he needed help around the house. Dad was very open to caregivers coming into the house. When it came to my Mom, I was surprised she didn't dig a moat around the house with a draw bridge to keep strangers off the front porch.... [sigh]

When I called an Agency, we set up an appointment for the Rep to come to the house where she interviewed my Dad and me, and I in turn interviewed her. I liked the idea that the Agency was licensed, bonded, insured, and had workman's comp for their employees, etc. Yes, the Agency was expensive, in my area it was $30/hour. And they did all the payroll taxes, etc.

My Dad had two caregivers that were with him for over a year [worked 8 hours day M-F, the other on S-S. Even when Dad decided it was time to sell his house and move into senior care, he wanted his two favorite caregivers to be with him. It's so important to get a caregiver who has a lot in common with one's parent, that is why it worked so well with my Dad.
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