Does anybody out there have any information on what my quoted price would include or exclude? Kind of dying to know just what I may be signing up for. Any information at all would be much appreciagted.

Thanks much to both JoAnne20 and worriedinCali. REALLY appreciate your taking the time to respond to my request for more information. Assuming my sister gets here in the next ten minutes, we are supposed to get over there today to check the place out. Wish me luck!!!
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In my Moms contract her room, food, laundry and cleaning were one price and set for a year.

It was her care part that could vary. They had levels of care 1, 2, 3, 4. This will include distribution of medication, depends on what help you need with ADLs to the level ur in. Higher the level the more u pay.

You may want to see if they run "sales" for room and board. Thats how I got my Mom in. The "sale" price was fixed for as long as she was there. There were increases in her rent yearly but added to that "sale"price. Please, have someone with you when you go to apply. Its hard to absorb everything they say. Have someone for back up.
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No one here will know what your quoted price includes. You should obtain that information from North PA manor before you sign anything.
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