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I'm not as familiar with AL as others, so I don't know if there are therapists or others focused on mobility.  If so, could they assist in taking her out?

Your profile doesn't indicate your location.  If you're in an area with moderate weather and can go out now, I'd speak to the DON about getting help for mobility issues so you can take her out in a wheelchair.  

And musical events are typically uplifting.  Again, I'd speak to the staff to see if they can ensure that she's able to get to events that allow mingling with others as well as entertainment.
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My mother is at one AL. My step father and his wife at another. There are many activities at both, and trips, shopping, dining and more. My mother is 94 and she goes out often, she also calls a cab if there is somewhere she wants to go.

So it is odd to me that she has no where to go.
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You asked this question/made this statement in another post and here is the reply I left to it:

What do you have to feel guilty about? Is your mother safe? Well fed? Well cared for? Visited by you on a regular basis? Clothed? Enjoying activities in the Assisted Living home? THAT is what is important, nothing else. You should be feeling guilty if your mother was homeless or crying in pain that you were ignoring. But living in a place that costs several thousand dollars a month is not something anyone should be feeling guilty for. It's actually something to be grateful for. When I get to be in need of such a place, I won't have the funds my mother has to live in such a place where she's waited on hand & foot all day long.

Think of it that way, and let go of unnecessary guilty feelings. They serve no purpose and make no sense.
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At 94, it's amazing that she's still able to get out. I might talk to the social director and see what events and activities they may have coming up and let her know your mom is interested. If she has mobility issues, will she agree to use a wheelchair for the outing? In our area, there are transit vans, I think they are operated by the county, that will transport you and a family member if you call and get on their schedule. They have a lift for wheelchairs. They charge very little like a couple of dollars for the day. Or, you can hire someone to visit and entertain her in the AL. Is she able to read, listen to music or watch tv? I know that some seniors say they are bored, but, they are not able to focus on much, don't want to read, aren't interested in puzzles and aren't interested in much else. It's really hard to entertain someone who isn't able to focus.

Does the AL have any live entertainment at the facility? Most places that I have seen have at least one person or group sing live evert week. It's always a big favorite and most of the residents gather to hear it.
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Does the AL provide outings for its residents? Does the AL provide activities? If you want to get her out, you can ask the AL if a worker can go. Otherwise, you can hire a worker from a home health agency to assist. It can be cheap if done once a week or less.
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