Most of my family have passed, other than 1 Cousin (in Indiana) & 3 daughters & their families?! Would like info on affordable housing & other familiar necessities! The apartments I live in just south of Sacramento, CA have been sold, & they’ve sky rocketed the rent & obviously would prefer we “old fogies” just disappear/die! I’ve been here for 11 years, am 71, work p/t eves, & am finding my so called ‘Golden years’ not so much!! Thank u!

check out Medford Oregon. Large retirement community w lots of housing options.
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What you need is to call your County Office of Aging. They may be able to help you with where to apply for low income housing. In my area there are HUD subsidized appts. You pay 1/3 of your monthly income for rent which includes heat. So if your income is 1000 then you pay approx 300 a month.
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Hi, I think you have mistaken what the site is about. On the right you will see advertisers and sponsors of the site, but they are just that. The site itself is just average folks out there either taking care of elders, or elders themselves trying to get general information, etc. We can't tell you anything about specific things in your town unless a reader happens to live in your fair city, and have some ideas for you.
Is there no rent control in Sacramento? I live in SF so am used to having it.
Basically you can at any time explore Assisted Living or Independent Living facilities in your town. Do know that the former are VERY pricey. And if you are well able to get around you don't yet need it. The basic thing you need in any of this, whatever your choices, is money, money money or options options options. You say you have three daughters. Do any of them have land on which you might consider a prefab home built; would any of them be interested in this for a rental fee and care fee, given at some point you would need care to get in groceries and etc at the least.
It is basically thinking ahead. Best you can. For what you would like. For myself I never know why more elders don't share housing as often enough one can say, still drive, and another cannot but can cook and clean. So they could share like roommates. Perhaps it is all about the problem of getting along. We see that often enough no matter the age.
Stick around on the forum and see what you can see. Don't go into assisted and deplete your funds before you need it. It can run anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 a month dependent on the area, and many in Assisted living will not be as bright and alert as you so clearly are, nor so young.
Do begin to check on things in your area; let us know what you learn!
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