Are regular nursing homes skilled nursing? How does this work with dementia? Thanks

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My mom had dementia and was in skilled nursing. There was a registered nurse on duty 24/7. A doctor came in once a week. They were able to do many medical procedures including taking x-rays. I believe “skilled nursing” is just what it says. It’s for people with medical issues who need the daily supervision of trained medical staff. My mom was lucky in that there was a Memory Care wing right down the hall. The rooms looked the same and some of the staff came to visit her when she moved to that wing. It was a good move for her and she didn’t feel alienated from the people on her original floor. Count on your mother’s doctor and the personnel at yiur chosen facility to guide you through what Mom needs.
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Yes, regular nursing homes are synonymous with skilled nursing. They offer more complete medical services than assisted living or memory care.
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A nursing home has nurses who are qualified to handle a variety of medication distribution that LPNs in assisted living facilities may not. This includes sliding scale insulin and opiates. They are also better prepared to offer more custodial care than the limits of assisted living, which is mostly private pay. As far as choices of facilities and Medicaid, there are fewer. If someone is entering LTC on Medicaid for the first time,then it will become first bed available. If you are in a rural area, the location could become several miles away.

The very best places have wait lists. Each facility only has a few beds available for Medicaid residents. My best advice is if you want the best choices, if the person has funds available for LTC for 6 months to a year, than that is the best time to go on several wait lists. Then the private pay person gets into the best place and then when Medicaid eligable, the already admitted person goes to the top of the list so they do not have to move again
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