My niece is caring for me but she got to work elsewhere, because she's not paid for the time - 8 hrs, she spends with me. How can she get paid for caring for me?

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You can certainly pay her. It’s highly unlikely a state program will pay her to care for you 8 hours a day. State programs pay minimum wage and only for a few hours a day. If you are low income and qualify for Medicaid, then there are a couple state programs that would pay a family caregiver provided you meet the asset and income requirements and are also medically eligible.
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In the PA the Care agencies have a program where they train and hire family members and then they get paid and have benefits. You may want to see if there is a program like that in ur area.

If you are low income, Medicaid has "in home care". They may not pay your niece but you could get help. Call your County Office of Aging and ask if they have aides available.
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worriedinCali Jun 15, 2020
She’s in Texas and theres no such program.
Consult with an elder law attorney to prepare a care agreement and to set you up as an employer.
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The easiest answer would be for you to pay her. You and she could agree a "caregiver's contract" and this would state how much you pay her and what she will do for you.

Are you able to afford to do that? If not, contact your local Area Agency on Aging and find out what the rules are about paying family caregivers where you live. They may be able to help.
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