I’m helping my auntie who is 62 with dementia. She is never tired. She walks around the room all day long. What to do?


For example; she wants to go to lunch then movie, dinner, then she wants to go with my cousin. What to do?



Thanks yes 62 I will check with doctor about anxiety pills.
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Could she possibly volunteer to walk dogs at a local shelter?

Discuss her condition and the need to have another volunteer walking a dog with her?

Of course, after she has been diagnosed by her doctor.

Best of luck finding an activity for your Energizer bunny🐇🐇
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Lazo25 Aug 20, 2018
I’m sure she would love that she loves dogs. Thanks!
Do some research into what activities are available for senior citizens with dementia in your city. Check out adult daycare. You can call your local area Agency on Aging and ask them if they know of any activities your aunt could participate in. If you are with her all day, try to interest her in puzzles or listening to music. You can also offer her a choice. Lunch and possibly some window shopping. Or, dinner out and if she is capable of following the story of a movie, take her. But this shouldn’t happen every day.

If its been been a while since she saw her doctor, she may need to be seen. She may be having anxiety issues and that’s why she can’t sit still.
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Lazo25 Aug 20, 2018
Thank, will do I will set an appointment for a doctors visit. Yes my auntie has the energy the problem she wants to go every day. I do have music available for her.
She is so young for this. This could be anxiety and there are meds to help.
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