I'm Healthcare proxy for an 86 year old man with dementia who's hallucinating, confused, nervous, etc. I'm his 70 year old friend. I'm having problems with getting him on Medicaid in New York State. He's been diagnosed and I'm advised he's a candidate for Long Term Healthcare. His pooled trust is aware of this, he had to 'spend down' on his 1,532 social security checks and now I find out after going through this procedure that he has to pay his premiums but I can't find out how much then monthly premium is.

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Have you talked to anyone at the NYC dept of Aging ?

There is a contract agency for his area of Queens that can do case management and give you advice on how to get him qualified for Medicaid.

Please let us know if this works. If not, please post back and we'll try another route.

Here is the list of agencies that cover Queens:

JASA is excellent.
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