I've seen the Caregiver Child Exemption, are their other Medicaid programs available?
Is homestead property in Florida exempt?
If disabled can I transfer property now to myself?

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Geaton is correct, don't do anything to jeopardize Moms ability to receive Medicaid. Transfer of money or property within the 5 yr look back will create a penalty.

I don't think you need to worry about being a Caregiver because ur disabled. But Medicaid may require you to prove you can paybbills and taxes on the house. When Mom passes, a lean will be placed on the house. You maybe able to remain until ur death, you sell or leave. At that time the lean will need to be satisfied. Medicaid should be able to answer ur questions.
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Isthisrealyreal Jul 17, 2020
How does that work when someone says they are disabled but they are a caregiver?

If they can care give for a senior parent could that infer that they could work, since caregiving is such a difficult job.

Just wondering and you know so much about how this all works.

Thanx JoAnne
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Angie, do not do any financial transactions or transfers without first consulting with an elder law attorney familiar with FL laws on Medicaid. Do not co-mingle your funds with hers, do not take gifts of money from her (even if she is "paying" you to care for her -- there needs to be a written contract and taxes and SS withheld and paid, just like an employer). Laws differ from state to state. Since it is your residence and you are disabled, you will need professional advice. It is money well spent and your mom should pay for this consultation from her funds.
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