My mom as I've posted before thinks she is constipated but in reality isn't, so thanks for some of the responses in the forum. However, in addition she is becoming more and more forgetful about such things as I haven't spoken to Susie in a long time, but in reality she spoke to her 3 hrs ago. Also I'm confused between the following terms -stress attack-panic attack-anxiety attack and how it effects people with dementia. I believe my mother is one of those. Also in the morning she gets like "morning sickness" and it lasts a while and then discipates and that is also true with the anxiety-stress- panic attacks she gets later in the day, they too leave in a few hours. Any ideas or suggestions?

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BarbBrooklyn's right. People with dementia or even mild cognitive impairment can have anxiety and/or anxiety attacks. It could be a symptom of her dementia or it could be a result of knowing that she's forgetting things. Either way, it's miserable. See if you can get her to her doctor. Maybe s(he) can prescribe anti-anxiety medication for your mom.

As for the constipation I don't know what it is but most elderly people become obsessed with their bowels. I worked in healthcare for 20 years and saw it over and over again. Someone once suggested to me that it was the way our elderly loved ones were raised. Their mom's made sure they had a good bowel movement every day and placed great importance on this. I don't know if that's the reason elderly people are obsessed with their bowels but it's the only explanation I've heard.
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Have you had mom seen by a geriatric psychiatrist? Many people with dementia, my mother among them, become exceedingly anxious about things that previously didn't bother them. I think it's all part of the fact that their brains are "broken" in some fundamental way.

When you say "morning sickness", do you mean nausea? Is mom diabetic?
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