I'm caregiver for my son's dad. He is retired military. I'm paid by the government. He recently started charging rent. Any advice?

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He is age 51, I'm 41. He recently started charging rent. He charges me $300 a month, is very controlling and mentally abusive. He also will clean up and say I owe him for what he cleaned. PLEASE help

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It could get worse.

Good luck
Find another caregiving job, if you like that kind of work. Or find other kind of work. Or go back to school to learn new skills for a better job.

But quit this job. He is 51. Are you willing to take this abuse for another 5 years? 15? 25? Life is too short to live it in misery.

PS ... live-in caregivers do not pay rent.
Tell him that charging you rent means that he declares income that the IRS and VA would be VERY interested to know about.
Move out! What are you doing?!
Oh heck no!
Quit and move out now!
Tell him two can play at this game and that you went up on your services. $500 a month more than the gov pays and he’s got $200 more to work off. Hop to it. Every time he comes up with some bogus charge you raise your rates. Lots of bookkeeping, better write it all down.
Just teasing Jadensmom, ——but really, it sounds very dysfunctional.
Is he dangerous? Probably best just to find another job and not aggravate him.
Is your son caught in the middle? How old is he?
get out now it will only get worse
He shouldn't be charging you rent if you are helping him, but if it's not working out then maybe he needs to have someone else help him. He probably doesn't want to have a stranger helping him though.

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