3 years ago my husband had a heart attack and a stroke. He was in the Hospital 4 stints put in heart. After MRI he had a major stroke. No blood was going to left side of brain. He was moved to another hospital and had stints put in his coratid arteries to reroute blood to the left side of brain. 5 months in rehab to learn to walk again and use his left side. I retired to take care of him. He fell 2 more times and was put in rehab to learn to walk again. Dr. said hematomas were clear and was released. We came home Feb. 2017 and he was using a walker like a champ. 2 weeks ago end of Aug' 2018, He was half asleep got up and walked with walker to living room. I heard a thump at 5am, ran in and found him on the floor. Paramedics were called to pick him up off the floor. He refused to go to hospital. Now when he walks with the walker its half way and he is in a lot of pain. His bottom, shoulder and hip hurt very bad. He is also sleeping a lot. He still refuses to go to the hospital, thinks he'll never come home. What can I do? Thanks Caring4 Husband

Could it be his choice to live one day at a time & his choice is home where he may feel happy & ready to meet his maker.
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He could have fractured his hip, his low spine or his shoulder, even a hairline fracture can hurt tremendously! He needs to be seen by his primary Dr at the minimum, to rule out fractures and any possible new stroke via x-ray, and maybe a CT or MRI. Once those are ruled out, it may be that it take some time to heal, and perhaps some home based PT can ve ordered for him to build up some muscle mass, and gait training to improve his walking and his stamina.

Things take longer to heal when we are older. Don't wait, the sooner this is addressed, the sooner he could be on his way to rehabilitation, and it will also give you peace of mind.
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Your husband could have had another stroke. I would at least get him to your primary.
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I fell off a ladder, and it took more than 2 weeks for my painful bruises to get better. I was really shocked, and I am still much more nervous about climbing anything. Is he getting gradually better? If so, hang in there for a while longer. If not, he does need a medical check.
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A fall can HURT a lot! and it can take quite a while to recover from the fall.
If he will not go to the hospital would he be agreeable to seeing his doctor or going to one of the "walk in clinics"? This way they can check to make sure there is noting "real wrong" (I doubt there are broken bones but ya never can tell about a sprain) This way he will be seen by a "professional" and if either the doctor or the walk in clinic thinks it is urgent enough to go to the hospital they can arrange that. Bot the doctor or the walk in clinic can order X-rays if they think it is necessary.
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