I'm 54, and I stopped working over a year and a half ago to stay home and look after my mother. Her Social Security Benefits, barely, takes care of the rent and the groceries. I've been using my savings to keep up with the rest of the household expenses (utilities, credit cards, etc.), but, eventually, that's going to run out.

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Alexander, I found the link I was referring to. Check it out (I did have some trouble getting to the link, though).
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Alexander, was your father a Veteran? If so, have you contacted the VA to ask about assistance for your mother (I assume she's a widow now)?

I don't know about financial assistance to you from the VA, but if you've registered for VA health care (which you probably should do), contact your team doctor and ask to speak with her/his social worker. She/he can advise you what might be available.

The VA also has a caregiver function with info for caregivers. I'll have to check my notes and find the URL for you.

The VA does have some home benefits besides the Aid and Attendance program, if your mother would qualify as a Veteran's widow.

As to food, check with the local senior center, Area Agency on Aging or County offices to determine which agencies offer food to needy seniors. Forgotten Harvest is such an agency but I don't know if it operates in your area.

Your county and state may also have senior agencies that offer advice on what's available. In Michigan, Detroit Energy offers reduced electrical rates for seniors. There's also a state agency which provides a lot of information on services for seniors, such as limited free legal service. It even provides a referral to a local synagogue which assists seniors in qualifying for a Bridge Card for access to food assistance programs.

I don't know if a Navy JAG office could help, but it's worth a try.
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