I don't owe them anything. They are scaring me showing up like that. I'm so scared as to what can happen. I'm alone, can you help me?

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Liked asked, did you buy anything from the store? If no, do not answer the door to them and call the police.

If you did buy something, do you have proof you paid in full for it? As suggested, write a note to the store asking that they not send anyone around to collect. If this was done on installments, ask for a statement showing payments made so you can match up your checks or Credit Card information because you don't feel you owe.

If this doesn't work, ask a relative or close friend to help you sort it out.
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Appliance store for furniture?

Did you buy anything from this store?

I smell a scam and this may be a troll.

Stop answering the door. Are they asking for payment at the door? If that is the case, yes this may very well be an effort to scam you out of money.

Call the police, provide as much detail as you possibly can.
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I don't care if you did owe them or not. They can not just show up at your house or threaten you. I'm with Polarbear you call the police and make a complaint.

The next time they call you you tell them if they don't stop harassing you they will be hearing from your lawyer. Doesn't matter if you have one or not; I have found that just the threat of one will usually scare them off.
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Call the police. Now. And tell them what happened. The more details you can remember the better.
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