Our neighbor and caregiver suggested respite care so that we can go on vacation. Our caregiver is with mom 4 hours a day, but we'll need 24/7 care for mom in order to go on vacation or long weekend. How do you know where to look for respite care that is reputable?

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Tia2023: Perhaps you can ask for recommendations at your locality's COA (Council on Aging).
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Call the higher end more reputable retirement communities or skilled care facilities that offer a range of level of care needs; sometimes bed availability allowing they will offer respite care. Could also ask her PCP or call senior agencies on aging who might or might not have referrals. 24/7 in home care costs will be astronomical.
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Some facilities do respite care.
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Check out and visit assisted living facilities. Don’t just go with the closest one available. That may ease your mind.
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You might be more comfortable having your mother stay in a care facility for a Respite stay than trying to find 24/7 coverage at home. If you are too uncomfortable with facility respite or with having unfamiliar people doing home care, postpone or cancel your vacation.
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Also check information on our Agingcare website.
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My mom is in memory care AND we have a caregiver for 4 hours a day as well. This private caregiver texts me a daily report after the 4 hours and it is a relief to know that mom is doing well or even if she is having a hard time. Memory care gives me the comfort that she is safe from wandering and she is getting her medications. The caregiver is good because she showers mom, walks with her, applies lotions to her skin and fixes her hair as well as companionship. The 4 hours allows for mom to have 2 meals that she will eat (or drink Ensure if she refuses food). I keep AZO strips to test for UTI and my caregiver will use them as needed and give to the nurse. There is a doctor that comes to the MC. If you are not using the doctor, be sure to leave the Medicare Card and ID and the place you want your mom to be taken in case of a medical situation. Mom’s caregiver knows the excellent stand alone ER that we take mom for emergencies and the hospital (if 911 is called). I reviewed the reviews, I asked around and toured. With prayers on moving forward, I was able to have a clear choice of 1 place. It was perfect.
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KPWCSC Jan 20, 2023
Great suggestion of the UTI test strips. I wish we had known to do that when my father was in a nursing home. We would notice confusion and ask for him to be tested and they would always wait a day or so (maybe needed doctor's order?) and by then it was totally full blown.

Here is what I keep on hand for my husband who is still at home.
It is cheaper and also tests for dehydration, blood in urine and other issues.
Hello, I agree with other answers.

If you don't feel good about it, don't ask someone you don't know. It's going to mess up your vacation; hence use a respite service.

Then you can kick back and actually enjoy the vacation without all this on your mind.
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Many Memory Care of if appropriate Assisted Living communities will do Respite so that if and when you make the decision to place mom you will pick the place she spent time so she is more comfortable.
I placed my Husband in a local Memory Care facility for Respite.
He had been going there for Day Care a few days a week so they knew him and he knew the area he would be in.
I was worried.
I was worried that by the time I got back that he would be so "institutionalized" that I would not be able to bring him home...
I was worried that if something happened I would not be able to get to him fast.....
I was worried that they would not care for him the way I did (of course they couldn't)...
I spent a lot of time with needless worry....

Just make sure they have a contact that can make medical decisions for you.
Make sure that they contact the person you designate. The person you designate can make the decision to contact you if it is urgent. Allow yourself to relax.

If you chose to use a local Memory Care or AL contact them with enough time there may be several medical forms you have to fill out. generally one if them is a TB skin test or Blood test that may take some time to get done, some areas if a skin test is done they require a 2 stage test.
And mom s doctor may have forms to fill out as well.
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Tia2023 Jan 8, 2023
Thank you!
Many memory facilities have respite care programs. Just need to Google search and call a few places. Some home health agencies have 24hr in home care
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