She lives in Pa and I in NJ. She needs medical care. My brother is her abuser and has her afraid to ask for help or let her sign anything. I need to go about it in a way without her consent.

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If you are going to do this without your mothers consent- you'll need to hire an attorney and file for guardianship. Usually this takes quite a bit of time and money but there are circumstances that allow for emergency guardianship. Consult your attorney to see if your mothers situation qualifies.

Another option is to contact APS - Adult Protection- and ask them to file for emergency guardianship- they will be able to do it much faster than you could. Then once your mother is in a better situation you can continue to apply for guardianship yourself without the immediate sense of urgency.
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I know you are concerned about your mother.
You need an attorney to guide you.
You can also call Area on Aging as has been suggested.
If your mother is in immediate danger, you call 911.
You can also call the local sheriffs office and ask them to check on her.
You'll do best to respond back to one message instead of starting all these separate threads.
Calm yourself and consider your options. If your mother is happy with her son you really need an assessment of the situation. Area on aging can provide that.
Emergency guardianship is granted by a judge in the county where your mother lives. Your situation is a bit complicated as you have two states laws to deal with. What has made you think your mother is in danger?
If your mother is in immediate danger call 911.
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