My mom has stopped answering my questions and sleeps all the time. She is 92 and I am afraid this is the coming end for her. She will drink a protein drink but that’s about all. I just put a call in to her doctor. I will take care of her until the end, but I don’t want her to be hungry or hurting and unable to tell me. Can someone please direct me in what to do next?

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I agree, Please call Hospice, Do your research there are some bad company's out there. We had Amity in Dallas and they were wonderful!!! I though I was a very strong person but this is not something that you want to do by yourself. I also took care of my Mom but believe me you do need help on this. Bless you for taking care of her, I have found there are several who will not. She is very lucky to have a daughters love. Praying for you!!
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I think what to do next is to bring hospice in. They can help you ensure that Mom is not in pain or anxiety. You'll still be in charge of her care, with a nurse coming in a couple times a week, and other support. It is also very helpful in that when death does come you only have to make phone call to hospice and everything is handled.
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That she is ABLE to sleep is a good thing I guess, which leads me to believe she is in little or no pain (or it would keep her awake and vocal). I wonder if she could be evaluated for Hospice at home. Are there any hospice services in your area?
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