We're trying to keep them home so we have caregivers from 9-3 during the day and I go up every night from about 7 to 8 or so to make them a snack and get her situated for bed and give her 25 mg of Seroquel. My father heats their supper and is only with her himself for at most 4 hrs. I go there on Saturday from 9 until 2, 3 or 4. My sister goes on Sunday's. Lately she is nagging him to go home he said almost immediately after one of us caregivers leaves. She tries to go outside and gets belligerent with him. I get all the phone calls when this happens..... This week I've gotten at least 3 times calls after 9:30 pm and they are fighting. My nerves are shot. I'm exhausted even when not there. I do grocery shopping for them, take them to their doctors appointments, pick up their medications and get their medications ready. A week ago I had an itchy spot on my hand and a day or so ago I broke out into a rash on my stomach and have a few other spots on my arms and my back. Is this from stress? I love them dearly and try to make their lives easier but my own life is falling apart. In the last two years I can see the age and stress in my face and I know I have depression. Please tell me I'm not alone in this....

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It looks like she is ready for a 24 hour caregiver. Do you worry that she will wander out in bad weather? I would not recommend special locks unless your father is competent to use them.
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Hi There....get thee to a doctor this week. Could be shingles which can be brought about by stress.....but do not discount lyme disease.

It is never a good idea to ignore a rash on your torso.

About your mom...has she been evaluated for dementia? Sounds like she is "sundowning".....look it up....they can get even fruitier and meaner late in the day. Isn't seroquel supposed to help with sleep? Check for UTI?

Good luck, but care for yourself, too.
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Sounds like insect bites. Are there any pets in either house? There are lotss of things that cause rashes so have a word with your PCG.
It may be time to consider moving Mom to some kind of supervised living. Right now it seems s though nobdoy's life is very pleasant.
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