I’m a nurse my friend has cancer and requires assistance, I have moved in his spare bedroom to help, he has Medicaid can I get paid?


I’d like to cut hours at my other job and be here more.

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As I understand it, yes, you can get paid but in a round about way.

I'm a nurse working for a company that is paid by Medi-Cal (Medicaid in other states) for the patient that I care for. He had to be evaluated for how many hours he's eligible for each month.
Once that has been determined, your friend can sign up with an agency, you can sign on with the same agency and he can personally request you as his nurse or c/g. Then you could be available the hours he's granted and work the other hours at your old job. I wouldn't mention that you live with him, just that you've worked with him before and you both would like to work together again. I don't know of any other (private) way to do it.

Does he need medical care (like injections) that only a nurse could do? If not, you'd have to be a caregiver. These jobs don't pay anything like a hospital but usually pay better than a doctor's office. If you can get 30 hours or more with him a week, you can qualify for benefits.

Well, in California, there's IHSS (In Home Support Services) but they pay is awful ($9-$10./hr.) and only hire caregivers. It's a big hassle (fingerprints, classes, etc.) for practically no pay.
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Call Caregiver/homecare providers. See if they have programs in place. I doubt though you r going to get a fraction of what you get paid now. CNAs get about $10 an hour. My daughter made about $27 a few years back as an LPN and probably $40 as an RN.
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