I'm a full time nurse student, and then take care of my grandmother and work part time 15 hrs. Can I get paid for taking care of my grandmother?

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I was told I can get paid for taking care of my grandma, I have struggled with paying bill and need a little assistance.

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Does grandma qualify for Medcaid?

Some states have " patient directed care" whereby the client can choose a family member as caregiver.
Jasmin, the vast majority of grown children who are caregivers to either a parent or a grandparent are not paid.... unless the parent or grandparent can pay out of their own pocket. If yes, then you would need to set up an employment contract with your Grandmother.

As Barb mentioned above, check with Medicaid [which is different from Medicare]. Each State has their own programs. Some States do not pay, others will pay but the pay is minimal.

You have a lot on your plate being a full-time student and with working part-time. Are there any other family members who could pitch in to help you? You don't want to get burned out to a point where you can't finish college.
Hope this can answer your question

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