What is VNS? What shifts do they offer for dementia care? Do you have a contract that states they will provide 12-hour shifts? Does their promotional material advertise 12-hour shifts?

If they don't offer that service at all, then you have no reason to expect it for your mother. If this is a service they normally provide, what is their reason for not offering it for your mother? For example, do they currently have no available employees willing to work those shifts? Have they determined that your mother's needs exceed what qualifies for 12 hour shifts? Do you think they are discriminating against your mother?

More information will help us respond more meaningfully.
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You're referring to the Visiting Nurses (Service?), a home health care agency?

If I understand correctly, you want one person for 12 hours? I think they're well within their right to refuse. Nurses and hospital personnel may have to work 12 hour shifts, but home care agencies don't.

If I'm misunderstanding the situation, I apologize. But I think that expecting anyone to work a 12 hour caregiving shift for someone with dementia is totally unrealistic.

Filing a grievance on that basis is a waste of time, and insulting. The time is better spent figuring out a more realistic way to get care for your mother.

Your mother needs assistance; it's understandable that you want only 2 caregivers for your mother. But it's not realistic. I doubt that anyone would even want to provide care under those circumstances.

Rethink your situation and how you can work with the VNS to provide 24/7 care, with perhaps multiple caregivers.
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