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Faith, I have noticed for myself that taking a shower is like going to the gym for a work out. It can be very exhausting for many seniors.

Another thing, some seniors become claustrophobic when in a shower. Especially if there are glass doors. I know for myself, I need to keep the far door open a couple of feet. As for tub bathing, getting in and out of a tub can be a real challenge, too. I'm surprised I haven't pulled off the soap dish holding onto it so tightly.

Then there is the fear of falling. If your love one is using a moisturizing liquid soap and/or hair conditioners, it will make the floor of the tub/shower feel like an ice rink, even with a tub mat inside. I almost slipped the other day.

Towel drying isn't easy. I find myself hopping around trying to get one foot and leg dry, can be a challenge. So easy to get one's feet tangled up in the towel.

Then if the person needs to blow dry their hair, that can be tiring on their arms.

Whew !!

A senior doesn't need to shower daily, twice a week or once a week is good enough, unless they are doing hard labor. If a senior is a Depends wearer, baby wipes work quite well between showers. Recently I found a product called “Water Wipes” in the baby section, quite pleased with the wipes.
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Hi there, I have seen the elderly get frustrated when they have to struggle with clothes, to put them on or take them of. It doesn't just make them feel tired, but they can also experience pain. I got adaptive shirts for my mom because they offer struggle free dressing solutions. They have an open back so its easy to put on or take of. You can check out the options here:
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