A person who is being paid by Medicaid is helping clean the home of of a friend. Both say money was lent by the client to the state worker. The client is also a former attorney but is taking meds for depression and is occasionally somewhat loopy. The client says she is not being taken advantage of but there seem to be several red flags regarding this state employee and her use of the client's vehicle as well. I have only a couple facts and I am just wondering if a clear line has been crossed in terms of an illegality.

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It would be nice to think a worker & a client can have "friendly" relationship that could also include the client giving the worker things/money/use of car....but How, exactly, is that likely to really play out?

IMHO [[perhaps due to how I was taught growing up & being educated as a professional]], ==it's just not proper!== With good reason!!
It's kinda in the same ballpark as co-workers having an affair---it breaks a really good rule: "never mess one's own nest". It usually results in some really messy problems the people involved NEVER originally intended.

Time changes motivation & agendas.
One never knows what other agendas might flit thru the mind of the worker, due to things they are experiencing.
Under difficult circumstances, the Worker might start thinking, "if the client gives me these things [small amounts], what else might I be able to get, later, if I keep up with the client?
The worker could have terrible sob-stories of hardships [everybody does!]
---but Worker hardships are NOT appropriate to be solved by the Client.
That is kinda like an adult driving by a child, stopping to asking the child directions.
An adult who is reduced to needing Home Care Workers, is vulnerable, even if they seem to have all their wits!

OF COURSE, it could just be small things, & it could simply be a friendship.
Of course it could...but friends don't take advantage of friends.
A Worker being loaned or gifted money/things by a Client, appears to be taking advantage of the Client.
If the Worker is having difficulties that need money & a car to use, those issues are best addressed to their Boss--not the Client.
LIKELY, there is something in the Worker contract that states something about "workers will NEVER accept money, gifts, etc., from Clients"--as has been commonly in worker contracts in the past.

EVEN IF the Worker is on their own time, with same Client, payment for work done then, may be conflict of interest, breaking the Worker Contract with their Agency, which Contracts with Workers for Clients in rather specific ways: usually preventing Workers from Private Duty with same clients they are contracted with the Agency to care for.

Starting out with smaller amounts of receiving cash, gifts, use of car---that is tantamount to "grooming"--testing the waters, seeing what can be got, & how---monitoring & manipulating the client [especially if the client has ==ANY== vulnerability in their thinking [lawyers can get that way, too!]
The amount of education a person has, no matter the field, does not automatically protect them from predators---predators come in all levels & descriptions.
It's pretty common for Workers doing Home Care to get into these messes.

As Welfare Departments try to put Welfare recipients to work, placing them as Home Care Workers is common, & this situation is increasing.
People doing hard jobs for low pay [Workers often get maybe HALF what the Agency is paid], particularly those struggling under pressure/duress, find it easy to fall into these situations.

Please DO Report it to the Agency that hired this worker.
Report it as you did above--asking questions, stating concerns.
More good can come of reporting it, than most folks understand.

It might result in the Worker being reprimanded, or might get them fired.
BUT, in the Big Picture, there is far more good to come of reporting it, than not!
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At the very least this would be considered a conflict of interest. Please don't wait too long to verify what is going on.
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Is this state worker working on their off duty time with Medicaid? If the client wants to pay a person to work for them and use their car, then there is nothing wrong with it unless the Medicaid worker is working during their regular job hours. If you are so concerned, you can ask Adult Protective Services to check into any illegality.
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Many responded with concern for a good reason as client perceived to be vulnerable. However, given you did mention you had few facts on matter, perhaps you can act on behalf of your friend (if friend agrees) to follow up on repayment of loan and why vehicle was used (run a errand for your friend? or personal use by worker?).

If on the up and up, worker would understand you looking out for your friend while preserving a seemingly good relationship between your friend and worker. If worker was simply taking advantage as you have more information, you would be justified in taking action to report it.

Either way hopefully to preserve your own good relations with friend while protecting friend as needed. Hope this helps.
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By all means report this.
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I don't know about the legality of the situation but borrowing money from a client is definitely unprofessional, unethical behavior that should not be allowed. At the very least, the person should lose his/her job for this.
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No matter the amount - it is definitely questionable. No Marines, but hopefully an Elder Abuse Attorney. Lots of fraud cases start out with "warm feelings" between client and caregiver. Be aware.
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Is it $100 or $10,000 that has been borrowed? The worker would certainly be in trouble with his/her employer if this were known, at any amount.

On the other hand, warm feelings can develop between client and caregiver. The caregivers make such a low wage that small favors might occur without any problem existing. I wouldn't call in the Marines without a little more evidence.
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I agree with Butterflykisses. Report it immediately to someone and keep reporting it until something is done. This is wrong, wrong, wrong!
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It is illegal; and if not, certainly unethical. Get a handle on this ASAP. Get Adult Protective Services involved right away. If you don't stop it now, there may be nothing left to even help the client. This is definitely a red flag situation. Take care and keep posting.
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