This question would be best posed to an elder law attorney.
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It really would be best for you to consult with an elder care attorney. I have a married friend who is applying for Medicaid for her spouse post stroke as he needs full time care and she works. Their situation varies from alot of replies I have read on this site because they are married. They sold their larger house and bought a more affordable one. Lawyers are helping them with this issue and how to possibly protect the house long term. A person's individual situation affects rules of Medicaid greatly. They are also helping with the maze of proper expenditures and the time frame of them. I know people may want to resist the cost of a lawyer but hopefully you might find one that is reasonable and can give you guidance.
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Yes. If you marry, Medicaid looks at household income. Not just the sole income of the party applying for Medicaid.
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If you are not married and there is no financial responsibility for another person there would be no reason to see their finances.
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I'm pretty sure that if finances are blended, even if you're not married, Medicaid will want to see where the money went. You can probably refuse the information if you're not married but Medicaid can also refuse to cover anything if they are not satisfied that the financial need has been proven.
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