The month is in the past, so can’t spend it down now.

Yes, you will have to private pay for the month and it is a nightmare to get it fixed. Good luck. It happened to my Mom. Medicaid is tough.
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Yes, you could. But should only be for that month. But, they could charge you total private pay for that month. My cousin had this happen with her mother, and it only involved 96 cents. But it ended up being a 4 month nightmare to get it fixed. So, sorry....but this may be a long process for you.

Please register on the Medicaid website and check it often, for Notice of Case Actions.

Also, please register online with your banking websites. I set alerts with my mother's bank accounts so that I get a text and an email when her balance is over a certain amount. And I get a text and an email whenever there is a direct deposit, or other deposit, or usage of her debit card or any ATM withdrawal.

I don't know how many different checking or savings accounts you have, but if you are on Medicaid, best thing to do is have only one bank and one checking and one savings account. Makes it easier to monitor.
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Why are you over thev2k? I ask because LOs SS and any pension should be going to their care. What is going into her bank acct that makes it go over?
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