If y'all need motivation for your parents or you


If you struggling with depression or going thru a tuff time in your life you should try seek spiritual help, sometimes I feel hopeless and with no purpose of life in times like those I just remember there some one i can count on and seek for the way of life and happiness. Everyone is important even you , God loves us all and have a IMPORTANT part to play. I'm asking you to give him a try and let him come into your life. Give him all your problems and watch him give you all the answers and solutions for you. I promise it won't disappoint you 😊. Get your happiness and life back on track and enjoy a life full of joy under his love and care. The first step is to find a church, the moment i first step inside I shed tears and a huge weight was lifted of my back. Don't be hopeless and unhappy when there's so much to life to live for. Regardless of what you going thru no situation is bigger than. Your strong yet you will over come it as long as you try. God needs you just as you need him so make the first step to your happiness

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Its really hard to put it all in his hands when you are a person thats a worrywort. But I have been trying to have the patience to allow him to do the work. Church is good but I think getting off to a quite place helps. Take deep breathes and let yourself relaxand clear ur mind. Ask that God take your burdens. Help you deal with that narcissistic parent. Whatever you feel you need help with. And listen. If nothing happens then believe me it will later.

My Mom passed in Sept of last year. I have her house, which is literally falling down. She chose to allow a disabled gson to live with her and left it up to me to get him the services and SSD that he needed. (my brother had been his guardian and should have had these in place) So, the house hasn't sold in 3 years. My gson has been living with my nephew but he and my daughter want to find a place together. So, had to find a place for nephew. Gets overwhelming but I told myself I wasn't worrying and asked God to handle. Called the Dept of Disabilities to see if he could get services. He qualified and went thru the initial interview and psych analysis. Got a letter two weeks ago he has been excepted and sent back info asked for. Hopefully, I can get him a housing voucher. This process was going to take a year. I started the process last August. TU God. His disability is such that I will not be able to care for him in the future when he starts having problems. So this department will be able to help him get over the hurdles. When he gets a place to live, the house will be closed up and abandoned since no one can take care of it.
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Thank you
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Praying for you, Shaking. I am taking care of my mom 24/7 too so I know how you feel as far as the caregiving situation, and praying for your husband's job situation too.

We'll get through this, one day at a time. Hugs to you.
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I am trying to turn to God. Caring all day and night for 93 year old mother. Husband just lost his job so double problems.
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That is excellent advice. And I can tell you from personal experience that you are correct. God has changed my life. He has answered many prayers. But I had to turn my life over to HIM first. A difficult struggle for me and many.
But God is true, and a very present help in times of trouble. Thank you for your post. great advice, Oh don't you wish everyone knew HIM, and how much HE loves them.?
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Dear Chava,

Thank you for sharing and for your words of encouragement.
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