We have been caring for MIL for over 5 years and now understand that it is time to get her out of her home to live with us or in a facility. We have questions on regards of the elegibility for Long Term Medicaid /Medicare benefits . Her home has about 20k in equity. If we sell her home will that affect the benefits she is currently receving? She has in home care benefits covered by Medicaid.

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Thank you for your quick response.
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Seek professional help and ensure that if she is already on Medicaid that there isnt already a lein on the home. If not, one useful expense for her before her money runs out is to see a funeral home director to purchase burial expenses before applying for Medicaid. That will at least ensure that family can give her a proper burial in the future. Medicaid will cover long term care when the circumstances allow.
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Medicare does not cover long term care. It WILL pay for rehab for 20 days IF the patient has a qualifying 3 day hospital stay as an admitted patient (admitted, NOT under observation).

Generally speaking, if she sells her house and has 20k in assets, thise funds need to be used to pay for her care.

The smartest thing you can do right now is to consult a certified Eldercare Attorney about how to best proceed. It will be money very well spent.
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