Can APS actually do anything? Because the husband is abusing her by blackmailing her emotionally and physically... and he continues to hold her hostage in her bedroom... and she is not allowed to even have her identification... and he continues to mistreat her... will the law do anything to him... or will it just be swept under the carpet? Does anyone know what the laws are in Louisiana?

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I think I would contact the local police since there is physical abuse, and he's literally holding her as a prisoner. Get together what documentation and proof that you can and then report him.

No one can really predict what will be done by APS, or by the police. The husband might be charged with a misdemeanor or felony, might be removed from the home -- hard to tell w/o knowing what the proof is and how local police would handle it.

I don't know what LA laws are on these issues.

How do you know about this situation, and can you provide proof of it to increase the potential for action by law enforcement? And I think I would contact them as well as APS.

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