Today I was just working out in the front yard while she watched a baseball game in the living room, windows open, etc. When I looked up here she comes onto the porch. I asked her if she'd like to join me and her reply was that she didn't know where I was so she was walking to the neighbor's house (1/4 mile). Sheesh! I'm just in the front yard in plain sight! Is this just a control issue (borderline personality disorder + late dementia) or an anxiety issue?

I can say that living with someone with dementia can kinda turn your world upside down. I used to resort to leaving hand written notes. but even that doesn't work very well....

she probably called out your name and since you didn't answer. she just figured you were gone. and didn't think any further than that. (?)

I remember calling my mom and dads house. And my dad would answer the phone. I would say 'hi dad!  Where's mom?"  He would say "I don't know, let me look in the driveway and see if the car is there"  He knew if the car was gone, then she was out. Smart on his part at the time. but he got so much worse. He probably shouldn't been left at home alone, but my mom did it anyway.

if you think your mom may have anxiety, it may do her good to get a RX for that. my mom has alzheimers she takes an anti-depressant for anxiety and obsessive behavior. if she has alzheimers a geriatric dr is a good choice.
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As JoAnn says, this is a Broken Brain issue. Please don’t be angry or exasperated because she can’t help it. What concerns me is that she was going to go to the neighbor’s. Wandering is a big issue for those with dementia. They decide they’re “going home”. And, a lot of people with dementia don’t recognize 3AM from 3PM. If your house isn’t “escape proof”, especially at night, she may wander out. A good place to call to find out how to escape proof your home is an agency who deals with people with Autism.
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She has Dementia. She has lost her ability to remember where u said u'd be. You could have been 10 ft away and she would have thought you left. Some people "shadow" meaning they follow the caretaker all over.
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