Wheen my mom got sick in 2014. I had to quit my job. N she is not now anyway getting better I believe she is kinda driving herself crazy n idk if she is hospitalized or assistant living what documents do I need I know she was gonna pay the last 10 payments on my home n I'm her power of attorney ....for 5 years n still over medical n all financial.....I only want the man who rent to own the house to get his money n it's deeded to me n my mother. Would a living trust be what I need. .....I just basically don't understand if they take all her money or can they cus she only has a promisarry note n she was gonna do a living trust anyway. So can sumone please tell me that answer ....sorry if I wrote this confusing

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I got the impression that she and Mom were buying a house using "rent to own", where your rental payments go towards buying the house, but I also have to admit I could not make heads nor tails of most of the post..
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I am so sorry. I am not understanding the question at all. I get that your Mom got sick in 2014. You say you quit your job. Did you also move in to care for her, into her own home? Then you seem to indicate that she is going to a hospital or to assisted living, and ask for help making a decision. You say she was going to pay the last 10 payments on your home. She that the home she is living in with you? Did she do it? Did she not do it. Then you say that you have power of attorney for financial and for medical. Does this mean that you are paying for YOUR home out of HER money? Now you bring in some man who is renting to own. WHAT is he renting to own. I am at this point driving myself crazy along with your Mom. I think it isn't easy for you to type out the question. I would go very slowly and do not use any abbreviation. Try once more for us.
Otherwise I would suggest that you take this question to an elder law attorney. This is a question about your mom's assets, and about what you should do to protect them and what legally you CAN do, so this is perfectly legitimate expense for you to pay out of Mom's assets. If your Mom is already suffering from dementia I think it may be too late to do a living trust. But I could be wrong. Please seek legal help because there are time, especially if things get confused, you could be taking the wrong "advice" off some forum where neither side is really understanding one another. Wishing you the best of luck; update us if you can on the advice you receive.
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